How to beat insomnia

For the human body, necessary natural change of the period of wakefulness and rest - sleep. During sleep the body come braking processes. All functions of the body are reduced. There is a slow heart rate (bradycardia) and a decrease in blood pressure, significantly slows the breathing. Reduced activity in the internal organs. Thus, during sleep, rest all organs and systems. During this period of intensive accumulation of energy which is consumed during wakefulness. Functional peace especially necessary for CNS. If long time no sleep, then comes the nerve cells, and the latter fall into the so-called transcendental (enforcement) braking. During this period, nerve cell depleting their energy reserves and does not respond even to very strong stimuli. Therefore, sleep is absolutely necessary for ensuring the regular operation of the human body. Interesting is the fact that people can live without eating (eating only water and being at rest) up to 50 days, without sleep, can't stay longer than 3 - 6 days.

There are two types of sleep disorders:

a ) insomnia associated with difficulty falling asleep,

b ) insomnia characterized by surface sensitive sleep with frequent awakenings. Used for the treatment of sleep medications.

Depending on the duration of the effect sleep AIDS are divided into 2 groups:

1. Drugs with an average duration of action (effect lasts 4 - 5 hours). Their purpose in cases where the violation process of falling asleep.

2. Drugs over long periods (the duration of sleep when administered is 7 - 9 hours).

Requirements soporific funds requirements, are extremely numerous. When using these substances, the dream must come quickly, without phase excitation not be accompanied by an inhibition of the functions of the vital centers and organs. Sleep AIDS should not have irritating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, can cause addiction. Currently, pharmacies may offer a great selection of sleeping pills for any purpose. As popular insomnia various decoctions of herbs, the most popular dream the grass is pasqueflower.

For the action of hypnotics, as and for the onset of natural sleep, certain conditions are necessary. Sleeping pills should be taken at the usual time of rest. If sleep disturbance (insomnia) is associated with pain, it should, along with sleeping facilities necessary to take painkillers. Otherwise soporific effect may not occur. Usually after taking sleeping pills is recommended to drink a half - glass of warm boiled water. Tea is excluded because it contains caffeine. Having a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system, caffeine is an antagonist of sleeping pills.

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