How to bathe a newborn

Bathing a newborn baby is important not only for hygiene, but also to stimulate circulation and function of the skin. In addition, swimming is a great opportunity to talk with his parents crumbs.

It is desirable that daily bathing was happening at the same time. It is best if this will happen before the last feeding. Choose a time when baby is awake, not just eaten and not hungry. There should be no procedure of bathing in a hurry. Man, bathing the baby, should not scare the kid jerky movements especially to hurt him. Before eating to start bathing your baby, you need to prepare all that is all it will require.

What we need:

-Baby bath. Often use ordinary plastic trays. Their convenience is that they are easily washed and transferred. In any case, you cannot use a baby bath for any commercial purposes. As the baby can be bathed in the bathtub, which washed the rest of the family, but before that it needs a good clean with baby powder.


-Capacity for clean water. She will need in order to wash baby when you hit him in the eyes of the foam.

Two towels for face and body.

-Baby shampoo and soap.

-Cotton swabs and disks. You will need to clean the ears, nose and navel.

-Baby scissors.

-Slide or lap swimming newborn.

Cooking baths

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The temperature should be about 23 degrees. Windows and doors, be sure to close. The water temperature should be around 37 degrees. The amount of water should be such as to cover the baby's body on the neck.

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