How to avoid vision problems in school children

Most of the information the child perceives through the visual channel. Even at preschool age, the modern vision of the child is overwhelmed. In the school years of pressure on the eye significantly increase, which often leads to the development of myopia.

Nearsightedness decreases the clarity of the perceived images and impairs vision. Wearing glasses this defect cannot be changed, so as degenerative changes of the fundus cause further regression of visual function. How to avoid vision problems in school children? Need timely treatment and prevention, especially for children at risk. These are: - children with a genetic predisposition; - children with General debility of the body; - children with low hemoglobin level; - children who are in conditions of acute or chronic stress.

All students are strongly encouraged to follow the rules of visual hygiene.

1. The organization designated to practice: the correct landing in good light. You should regularly wash Windows, air pollution which reduces the illumination of the premises up to 40%. The source of artificial light must Shine bright, but not blindingly. If any visual stress need to use a Desk lamp with an opaque shade. The source of artificial lighting have left for right, right for left-handers. Optimal power bulbs - 75-100 watts. The distance of the source reading or writing should be in the range of 35-40 cm away from the monitor - not less than 70 see Reading lying down or in the process of eating is very unhealthy!

2. Dosing visual loads.The total number of television per day should not exceed 3 hours, with continuous viewing - no more than 1.5 hours. Stay at your computer should lead to 40 minutes per day.

3. Daily performance of the visual gymnastics for several minutes. Rotation of the eyeballs clockwise, then in the opposite direction. - Alternate blinking and relaxation of both eyes. - Turn the eye: up - down - right - left. - Alternate switching of opinion on a subject near and then far; - Rapid blinking. - "Drawing the eyes of letters, numbers.

4. Support the overall health status of the child: hardening, the inclusion in the diet of healthy products for vision (greens, cabbage, carrots, cranberries, boiled fish, beef, Turkey, rabbit, cheese, yogurt, multivitamins with calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D). Any suspected occurrence of visual problems for the child should be a reason to visit the optician. Early detection of problems is often a guarantee of complete deliverance from them.

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