How to avoid anger and resentment in family relations

Marriage is a roller coaster. Sharply rising, you can drop dramatically. Anger is a negative phenomenon, which is present in everyone's behavior. We all know that more pain and resentment brings the person you love most. Anger is the emotion that has the ability to master each, but it should not control your family. The accumulation of anger leads to disorder of consciousness, has a negative impact not only on you but also on your partner. This form can be deformed and degenerate into hatred, and this is much worse than just anger. Besides all the accumulated negative impact on your health. Headache, hypertension, heart shortage, depression is its consequences.

Try to get rid of the accumulation of negative baggage. Become aware of the inner hurt and get rid of it. Feeling a rush of anger, try to retire, turn on soft music, close your eyes and imagine a place where you feel at heart. Enjoy this time and try to bring the fantasy into reality, take a particle of the pure field in the soul, and resentment leave there. You will immediately be easier.

Try to associate anger with something nasty that gets inside you. Do you like to wear in the shower nasty creature? Remove it from myself to it you begin to corrode.

Try self-hypnosis. Turn up the music, sit back, take a deep breath and repeat: "Today the anger I will not be able to overcome, I am stronger than this." If anger is fair, never apologize, you only fuels their energy into the person who hurt you.

You can install a psychological barrier. When you will talk and you will begin to understand that everything inside begins to boil, and people have more and more annoying, imagine that it is reduced in size. The more anger, less people. Thus, the negative should disappear.

To avoid conflict, try to bring their attention to something else, and not on the object of resentment. Start to do household chores, wash dishes, clean, etc.,

Mentally back at the offender. Not to make a scandal, write a letter with all the insults. Pour there heart and soul, you can even think of a punishment. But nothing to send. This is the so-called symbolic revenge.

If you do not wish to be so categorical, instead of yelling at a loved one, just to hug and Express their true feelings about love. Your partner will be amazed and will not want you to be encouraged to continue to quarrel.

We need to talk. Select a neutral interlocutor, and not the object of resentment. From the heart talk with friends, family. But if you don't want such openness in front of them, contact your therapist, and you will definitely help.

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