How to apply dentures

The American College of prosthodontics published information for patients who use removable dentures. Experts have taken into account all the difficulties in the use of such prostheses faced by the people and explained to them in the recommendations.

So, point by point:

Each removable prosthesis must be made by a specialist individually.

Not one prosthesis can't last forever, bones and gums skull change and must eventually fabrication of a new denture or correction of the old. If the prosthesis is not fit, do not try to add more glue is not safe. The estimated service life of the prosthesis 5 years.

Excessive use of glue for dentures to harm health. Many adhesives contain zinc, which in large quantities can cause zinc toxicity. The first symptoms of this toxicity - numbness and tingling in the extremities, if you experience such symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.

If you are hosting a denture you feel the excess glue it to ooze with prosthesis, immediately start using less.

For sale is a glue for dentures without zinc content, please consult the pharmacist to choose a safe brand of prosthetic glue.

Even well suited dentures should be removed at night. The tissues of the mouth during the night to rest and recover. The use of the prosthesis at night can cause irritation and inflammation of the tissues.

Remember that the use of a removable dental prosthesis should be comfortable, if you feel discomfort during use of the prosthesis, consult a dentist.

When tooth loss, it is important to use the prosthesis, as modified dentition can lead to serious problems. In addition to the aesthetic issues, there is a redistribution of the masticatory load and atrophy of the gums and the change of the dental occlusion. If You removed the teeth, it is important to turn to professionals for prosthetics. Dental clinic "Academy" in Nizhny Novgorod - it is a good choice. Professional approach and modern equipment are the guarantee of successful prosthesis. Preliminary entry to the specialist by phone at (831) 434-07-65.

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