How to apply bronzer

Any girl wants to buy a dark, smooth skin. In the summer to get a beautiful tan is quite real. Sun, sea and sand - here you have the perfect sun tan. But what to do in the winter or when the sun is contraindicated? Well, the world does not stand still. Now girls do not necessarily spoil the skin and health, lying in a tanning bed. Simply go to the store and buy yourself a tan. About the rules applying self tan will be discussed in this article.

Now bronzer is very different from those that first appeared on the market. They, in addition to giving the skin a beautiful shade, also moisturize, protect, and strengthen the skin, and some still struggle with cellulite. One applying self tan lasts for 4-6 days, after that it starts to otshelushivatsya and disappear.

Tanning differ in their concentration of DHA. If you have fair skin, then you will have enough concentration from 2.5% to 3%, and if dark, then you need to use bronzer with a concentration of 5%. If you bought the tan, you don't find the label, you should check its effect on a small area of skin. Do not apply it directly on the entire body, because you don't need disastrous results.

Bronzing can be bought in the form of a spray, and in the form of gel and cream form. How to use - you decide. For the face it is best to use the cream, but for a body gel, because it has a lighter structure.

To make your tan look better, you need to follow a few simple rules.

Before applying tanning the skin need to be processed. Apply the peeling. Then the tan will go nice and smooth layer. If your skin is dry, moisten it, and if it is irritated, you generally should not use tanning. For treatment it is best to use a slightly damp sponge or do it by hand. In the latter case, after the application of the hands should be carefully washed.

The first layer of bronzer should be applied all over the body and face. The second layer advised to apply only after an hour or two, when dry first. Remember that on the heels and elbows should be applied to a smaller amount. Painted should be the whole body, so do not forget the ears and the rear of the neck.

So your skin has always been beautiful, smooth, tanned shade, apply the bronzer should be constant.

To apply bronzer on clean and dry skin. Remember that dries tan within two hours. So swim immediately after you have applied the tan is impossible! You need to wait for it to dry.

You also need to remember that hair removal can adversely affect the response of the skin on applying self tan. So your skin is not irritated, you should make the hair a day before applying self tan.

And remember, dear girls that beauty is not beautiful skin tone, so no need to torture yourself, if you have an Allergy to tanning. Believe me, beautiful skin is not a guarantee of success!

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