How should sleeping child at different ages

An important part of a person's life is a dream. During sleep, restored power, the body rests. Therefore, around, a lot of talk about how we slept, slept as children and how long and well.

Sleep is also important from that dream. While watching you sleep, the body processes all the events of his life. From healthy and sound sleep and depends on psychological health.

The key to a healthy and good sleep are useful habits that are instilled by parents.

How much sleep the child?

From a healthy and strong baby sleep depends on the health of the whole family in General. Therefore it is very important to instill in the child the habit of sleeping and comply with the necessary rules before going to sleep.

Standard time duration of sleep kids does not happen. It depends on the kid. Perhaps You have an active child who does not need a long sleep. And if you want to change his habits and get to sleep longer, will only bring unnecessary trouble.

The duration of sleep for a newborn

Many are wondering how much sleep babies? For the newborn baby's normal sleep duration is 18 -19 hours. But they will Wake up hungry, because more than 5 hours in a row baby to sleep will not be. Some babies sleep and 8 -10 hours. And it speaks of a healthy psyche.

If the baby loses weight, it should Wake up every three hours for feeding. Doctor and Your visiting nurse will advise you what to do in such situations.

The duration of sleep for the three-month baby

Typically, this kid sleeps 13-15 hours a day. Five hours sleep in the afternoon and the rest of the day.

The duration of the sleep of a baby from 6 months to a year

At this age the child should sleep 12-14 hours in a day.

If the child wakes up at night, we should wait 5 minutes before you go to him. At this age, You will be able to discern the cause of crying from hunger, fatigue or pain.

The duration of the sleep of a child from 1 to 3 years

For these kids need to sleep 10-12 hours.

In order to accustom the child to bed at the same time, it is necessary to instill some classes before going to sleep.

The duration of sleep for baby from 3 to 5 years

Such children need to sleep 10-12 hours.

For such a child is already all procedures before going to sleep have become commonplace, but they can be nightmares. In such cases, you need to come and gently Pat the baby on the back and talk to him.

The sleep duration for a student

For students, the duration of sleep should be about 10 hours. Calculate the rise time of the child and consider the time to pack in school. This is to ensure that Your child is well-slept and went to school rested.

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