How old is cheese?

Scientists for quite a long time wondered: "how long humanity knows how to make cheese?". Just recently, the answer to this question was found. According to research by scientists from the University of Bristol, cheese learned to do almost 7000 years ago.

In their hands caught fragments of pottery that have been found during excavations on the territory of Poland. American archaeologist Peter Bogucki from Princeton University have made the assumption that these shards, nothing like the ancient sieve, through which the ancient people said sour milk.

In England, further studies were commissioned, the result of which not only confirmed the hunch, but determined the age of archaeological finds: almost 7200 years. Thus, today we can say with confidence that people have learned to make cheese for another 5000 years before our era.

The development of cheese making in the era to the Neolithic era was a major achievement in the development of human civilization. According to anthropologist at the Massachusetts Institute of technology Heather of Paxon start of cheese making even more inspired by ancient people to maintain a sedentary lifestyle. The cheese was stored for future use and keep, creating food for weeks and even months. Thus, in addition to hunting and gathering, an ancient man appeared an alternative method of food production. He began to domesticate cattle.

In addition, prehistoric man could not digest lactose and cheese has almost no lactose. The cheese was for a man is rich in animal fats digestible food, which completely solved the problem of hunger.

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