Psychologists at the University of Budapest established: there are three kinds of stupidity, and one of them is the worst. Scientists have assembled a collection of 180 stories about fools and asked to evaluate these stories of 150 volunteers. Thus was formed the list of the most silly situations and the most stupid people whom you can meet in life, writes The Daily Mail.

The list was divided into three groups. The first stories appeared in cocky and arrogant personalities. Such people often overestimate their personal abilities and eventually can't cope with the problems put before.

The second group consisted of people unable to control their time. For example, when a person spends day and night in front of a computer or out meeting friends for social networks.

Last in the list of fools – scattered and impractical personality. Scientists recommend to all people to adequately approach the assessment of their capabilities, not to look silly in the eyes of others.

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