How not to get sick with influenza: recommendations of the European doctors

European doctors have developed recommendations as to not get the flu. The guidelines contain six points, simple in execution and dispel some myths about the flu.

Many believe that the main threat is specifically made in sneezing and coughing people on the street, in public transport and inside the building. Contact with sick people really threatening disease, and the spread of viruses not only through coughing or sneezing, they are stored up to 48 hours on the buttons on the ATM, on the handle of the front door into the entrance, on the notes and the like. It follows the rule number one.

Thorough hand washing will protect You from a virus that settles on the handles, the bills, the buttons of the Elevator. Hands should be washed properly: to soap under running water, wash hands thoroughly for about 20 seconds, be sure not to forget to wash the skin between the toes and on the bends. In a pinch you can use a disinfectant for hands or antibacterial wipes, which contain at least 60 percent alcohol.

The second rule - humidify the air

Studies show that a very moist air to become unfavorable environment for the habitat viruses. Keep the room humidity from 40 to 60 percent, it will help you to not get the flu. Scientists explain this phenomenon, the fact that the virus particles in dry air easily spread around the room and infect humans, moist air enters the virus in liquid droplets which then fall to the floor.

The third rule is don't drink alcohol

A common misconception that alcohol is able to perform disinfection inside and protect from virus, actually alcohol significantly inhibits the activity of the human immune system and deprives him for 24 hours after taking more than two doses (200 grams alcohol) natural protection of human rights.

The fourth rule - do not rely on vitamin C

Active advertising of drugs with vitamin C for the prevention of influenza introduces confusion for many people. Relying on the protection of people neglect other items and ill. There is not a single clinical study, which showed that the protective properties of vitamin C, that is, research on the effects of vitamin C on a speedy recovery, and vitamin in this study only shows zilch.

Rule five - more sleep

Nature itself tells us is effective recipes - dawn later and this allows us to sleep a little longer. Scientists say people who are not regularly fill up, have triple the risk of developing influenza, compared to those who sleep more than seven hours per day. The body, deprived of normal sleep produces a lot of tsitokinov - proteins that inhibit the activity of cells of the immune system.

Rule six is more in the diet of vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of antioxidants, which protect our body from damage by free radicals. Antioxidants can increase the natural protective properties of the organism, due to stimulation of the immune system. Add in your daily diet more fruits and vegetables, regularly drink green tea and be healthy!

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