How much water you should drink per day

Many people ask "isn't it too much for the body, drink the recommended 2 litres of water? Maybe the norm for each person?"

People hear from doctors recommendations that a daily rate of intake of water should be no less than 8 glasses per day. They argue that in addition to the basic diet, the body needs clean water, no drinks (tea, coffee, juice), namely drinking water. But can we consider this recommendation is useful, given the fact that her "roots" are to 1945? In the same year, the company Food and Nutrition Board suggested that for every consumed calorie need 1 gram of water. And by following some simple calculations, it has turned out that the person needs to drink water in an amount of 2 liters, and this is 8 glasses.

60 years after this statement, the followers FNB National Academy of Sciences''s Institute of Medicine has made some adjustments to the statement of the predecessor. They explained that previously recommended amount of water included any liquid (even natural juice contained in fruits), and not just pure water. Moreover, they determined that men and women have different needs in the amount of liquid and said that much of this liquid people still get from fruits, juices, tea and other beverages. In General, it turns out, have proved themselves.

Professor Heinz Valtin, lecturer and research fellow at the medical school Dartmouthl, a long time studying the need to use a certain amount of liquid has come to a logical conclusion. If there is no need to drink, and to force the body to process the water is not necessary. He refuted the theory on the need for additional water to exclude diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, and also proved that a large amount of water can be dangerous for the human body.

Nutritionists often suggest that drinking water before a meal is very useful for the body, and in addition, the water fills the portion of the stomach, and eating it will fit smaller. I.e. in other words, on the face marked "pohudatelny" effect, water low-calorie consumed amount of food is reduced. But, the point is that water has no calories, it cannot saturate the body and, especially, to promote the burning of excess pounds. These are not empty words, there have been many studies that prove this. Of course, you can drink a lot of water and then the food you just will not fit. But it is very strange advice.

Yes, in the history of mankind there is a place in such cases. This was caused by the drug ecstasy, people no longer feel the saturation of the water, and there was an overdose. They were drunk only 6 liters, but when you consider human physiology, it is certainly a huge amount. The fact that the kidneys of a healthy person can "pass" through about a liter of water per hour. And the entire surplus goes to the saturation of the cells from which they begin to die. Therefore, it is not necessary to experiment with quantities of water.

As mentioned above, for men and women, the norm is different, first you must 3.7 litres per day, and the second 2.7 liters. But, again, this rule is perfectly satisfied with a normal diet. Of course, these are only averages, and they vary depending on various factors. Body temperature and the environment, weight, stability, emotional state, physical activity all affect the need to increase or decrease the fluid volume in the body.

In answering this question, I want to remind you that we are all children of Nature, and she took care of us. Therefore, if the body needs more water in the us wakes up feeling thirsty. If you want, you need to drink, listen to important signals of the body. If, despite all of the above mentioned, do you think that additional water is needed - you should discuss this with your doctor.

So, the myth about the need 2 liters of water daily is disproved. Be healthy and attentive to your body!

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