In the latest study, experts from Australia and the UK have proved that regular consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables strengthens the health and makes people happier.

In his scientific work, the researchers collected data on several global studies on the benefits of eating plant foods. In one experiment, 12 thousands of volunteers were asked to keep a diary for six weeks. It was required to note the level of satisfaction with life and your daily diet.

This research work has proved that regular consumption of fruit and vegetables makes people more happy. For this you need to eat about 8 fruits a day. It is very simple: banana with an Apple for Breakfast, any fruit as a snack, salad with two or three vegetables for lunch and some fruit for dinner. About meat products and cereals is also very important.

Vegetable food is a source of vitamins, fiber and digestible liquid. Without fruits and vegetables slow down the metabolic processes in the body, increases the risk of diabetes and obesity.

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