Intake of alcohol depending on the country are very different. The researchers analyzed the size of the "standard drink" and found as many as 37 approaches to the use of alcohol.

Here are a few examples. One standard drink in the UK is 8 grams. It corresponds to 250 ml dark beer or 25 ml of drink strength of 40%. In Austria the rate is higher more than doubled, and is 20 grams.

In most conservative countries the consumption rate of alcohol is 10 grams of pure alcohol per day for women and 20 grams for males. In Chile, the doctors will give to the people, reserving to each 56 grams of ethanol per day. According to Chilean experts, this dose not harm the body.

Who have an opinion according to which one drink should contain no more 10 grams of pure alcohol. Both men and women should drink no more than two drinks per day.

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