How many calories are in beer?

It turned out that a good deal of calories a person receives when the consumption of alcoholic beverages

Recent studies indicate that the daily rate of 100 additional calories are added together with alcohol, regardless of compliance at this time any of the diets.

Thus different drinks have different "weight". For example, in one bottle of beer is 150 calories, and the stack of liquor - 100 kcal. With a glass of dry wine is added to 120 kcal.

Moreover, the source of these calories is sugar. Even when following a certain diet, according to the recommendations of specialists, you should consume any foods that contain sugar and solid fats, to get 5-15% of the calories.

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In addition, the scientists conducted a survey of the population older than 20 years who consumed alcohol in the last days interesting data are obtained. Men often drank beer, bringing them daily 103-150 kcal. Youth large portion of the calories received with alcohol, not food. And women older than 60 years less total calories received together with alcohol.

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