How many are living with lung cancer?

"How many are living with lung cancer?" This issue with all the urgency arises before any patient who put such diagnosis. Oncologists around the world have long maintained statistics five-year survival rates for various cancers. It is safe to say that the life of the patient depends on the stage at which the detected cancer and started treatment.

In addition, an important role is played by the patient's age, the presence of any other serious diseases, General health status in General and the patient's desire to fight cancer. Other important factors in the answer to the question "How many are living with lung cancer are the localization and size of the cancer, its location, and so forth.

In addition, according to statistics small cell lung cancer is much more aggressive and dangerous than non-small cell lung form of lung cancer - in the first case for one out of every two patients death occurs within six months after being diagnosed with the disease. With non-small cell lung cancer five-year survival is possible in 40% of patients.

In General, oncologists developed countries note that to increase the life of the patient is about 4 times may be applying the correct schema chemotherapeutic drugs, and if the disease is detected at a stage when it is possible the operation, the patient has a high chance to live many more years. However, a definite answer to the question "How many are living with lung cancer" modern medicine to give.


Diagnosis, as a method of saving life

Of course, it is clear that if you can detect lung cancer in first or second stage of development, then the life of the patient after treatment is significantly higher than in those cases when lung cancer is detected at later stages.

But unfortunately lung cancer occurs without symptoms, it is up to these last stages. That is why it is very important at least once in 36-48 months to undergo diagnostics aimed at the detection of malignant neoplasms of the lung.

This examination usually consists of:

- Consult a pulmonologist specializing in Oncology.

- Blood tests, including tumor markers;

Analysis of sputum;

- Study of the respiratory function of the lungs;

- Ultrasound of the lung;

- Thoracoscopy.

And the results of initial surveys, can be recommended additional diagnostic methods. Typically, such a diagnosis is not penetrating and painful and can take up to seven working days.

There is a special group of people, which is extremely important to be screened for lung cancer at least once in two months.


At risk include:

1.People with scars in the lung tissue;

2.People with TB in history;

3.Those who work in the environment, ecologically unfavorable;

4.Men and women exposed to radon gas;

5.People whose close relatives have suffered from cancer of the lung;

6.The smokers.

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Similar to the study and observance of simple preventive measures can prevent the development of lung cancer in more than half of the cases, to preserve health and save your life.

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