How it works - specifics of the procedure

Contour lip involve changing the shape of the lips, or their volume. Feature contouring the lips is that it is not a surgical procedure, and just a cosmetic procedure. While it is safe and effective. After it you can immediately return to normal activities, only in rare cases, you may see swelling of the lips, which passes a maximum of two weeks. Contour of the lips can help not only change the shape and volume of the lips, but also to get rid of such problems as: fine lines around the lips, deep and pronounced nasolabial folds. This makes it possible to significantly rejuvenate the face.

Indications for performing contouring the lips are: the shape or volume of the lips, not acceptable to the patient; asymmetrical lips; age-related changes of the lips, i.e. vertical wrinkles on the upper lip.

Contraindications: pregnant women, or lactating women; abnormalities in the processes of blood coagulation patients who have inflammation of the skin; the periods of exacerbation of any chronic disease; the patient has herpes.

Contour of the lips may be one or more procedures. The essence of the procedure is that after a local anesthetic under the skin in those areas that really need it, is injected with a fine needle, a number of tests, based on hyaluronic acid. After the injection, is a gentle massage that helps to evenly distribute the gel under the skin. The amount of the drug is minimal.

Introduced under the skin the gel fills voids in the tissues, this creates additional volume. The skin around the lips becomes more toned, smoother, wrinkles are reduced and become less noticeable deep. Safe use of the gel is fully confirmed as hyaluronic acid does not cause rejection reactions in the body. Moreover, it is completely absorbed, and excreted from the body. This also explains the short-lived result from the procedure. But, put the gel is able to cause the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, thanks to the rejuvenating effect of the procedure will remain after removal of the drug.

After the procedure, during the two weeks may be swelling and swelling on the lips. But we should not be afraid of this. With proper care, all the effects are fully and only then you can evaluate the result.

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