How is the first date we have in America? – said scientists

The researchers collected basic mistakes that make Russians and Americans on a first date. It turned out that the principles of Dating are very different countries. What for some is considered the absolute norm for others is absolutely unacceptable.

In Russia it is not accepted at the first meeting to talk about former partners. If this happens, it is likely that this date will be the last.

The Russians do not like lies when online Dating. Every second person, according to the survey, refuses the second meeting, if on the first date will be revealed lie about the actual age or appearance.

Most of the dates in Russia are in neutral territory. Coming to someone in the guests to the first meeting or call to his home have been made. Still pending to come out in t-shirts with loud slogans. Most women, like men, want to see the man in more or less formal attire.

In the U.S., young people can not stand smokers, especially when it comes to potential relationship building. Four out of five is not acceptable, while Dating their companion is constantly interrupted for calls by phone, email or surfing of the pages. Still many are disappointed in the man if he talks about himself too much or not at all talking about anything.

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