How genes affect the action of the immune system - analysis showed

Geneticists found a unique gene STAT3. As it turned out, this gene is necessary for normal functioning of the immune system. It is a vital opening gives many people hope for a cure autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency, the newspaper notes Life Science.

It is known that the normal functioning of the immune system represents a certain balance. Immunity is simply obliged to resist pathogens and at the same time, the cells of the body in no way injure. Members of the Institute of Garvan was detected, due to which this balance can maintain.

A group of experts under the leadership of Stuart Tangy and Cindy MA, it was found: mutational processes in the STAT3 gene served as a provocation to the fact that the body was not able to produce IL-21 (interleukin-21), which is critical for the development and normal functioning of Tfh cells.

In turn, Tfh cells allows the cells to develop a "long-playing" and enhanced capacity of the antibodies. These antibodies are "battles" with various infections. And the so-called In-memory cells formed in the process, in the future give the possibility to distinguish pathogens from normal cells.

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In other words, gene STAT3 becomes the initiator of a chain reaction, including the activation of a signaling complex ways, without which T cells could not In cells to help, it is concluded the researchers.

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