How does birth - stages of childbirth

Almost every woman interested in the question of how does birth. And all neerpede to know the details, but birth is a very unpredictable process, and you can expect anything. A very hard pregnancy can result in easy childbirth, or Vice versa.

More often about the start of the delivery signal, the discharge of amniotic fluid or contractions. And if the discharge of water you with anything else don't be mistaken, false contractions can be taken for real. The main difference is their regularity and a gradual increase in pain. If you see these signs, you should call an ambulance, and even better to go by car to the hospital. Don't forget to bring the necessary documents and things.

On arrival at the hospital you need to see in the gynecological chair. If disclosure of the cervix is, and the tone of her normal, you'll be placed in a treatment room. There you nurse will do an enema and, if necessary, pobrey crotch. As all the procedures are finished, you will be sent to the showers, and then in the prenatal ward. There you will be until the cervix reaches 10-inch erection. In nulliparous disclosure may take up to 12 hours.

The next stage of labour is vain attempts. If this woman really wants to pushing during contractions. They often occur even before the opening of the uterus, thus it is necessary to do special breathing exercises. After the neck is opened you will be transferred to the family room. There already is the appearance of the baby born.

The mistaken belief is that childbirth is very painful, really fight much worse.

If too narrow crotch usually the doctor makes an incision (episiotomy) that prevent the occurrence of gaps.

The next step is the birth of the placenta. Usually a strong effort it requires, but sometimes doctors have to do the manual Department, this is under General anesthesia.

After you sew up the rips and cuts (if any) and put cold water bottle on the abdomen, for faster contractions. After about 40 minutes the woman taken in the house on a gurney, and after 6 hours bring her and the baby.

It is very important to put the baby to the breast immediately after birth. This helps to establish contact with the baby, and to establish breastfeeding.

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