How correctly to dump weight and how to start losing weight

Extra pounds on the waist and hips fraught with weakness, excessive sweating and shortness of breath. To lose weight without harm for health, there is no need to look for a fast diet, lose weight smoothly or abruptly. Need a special program of weight loss that you will create for yourself. To start with, just to get rid of some habits, leading to the appearance of extra pounds and unwanted body weight and learn properly (i.e. slowly) to lose weight without resorting to the fanatical refusal to eat, following the adage that supposedly mythical beauty requires sacrifice.

Start losing weight right in the store when buying products, you want to not go on an empty stomach, to hand treacherously not reached for the tempting bread or chocolate. For grocery shopping make a list without the presence of fat, flour and sweet, smoked and spicy products for feet was not submitted to the buyer in those departments where it is available. You need to pay attention to the tricks of advertising, where the packages are writing about diet, fat-free or light product. It is worth looking at calories that contain products in 100 grams, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

You need to use the "model of a plate. On her half of the company resides colorful vegetables that you need to buy in the first place and to eat at least 500 grams per day. Vitamin a buy orange fruits and vegetables, green - with vitamin C, bioflavonoids full of vegetables and fruits purple colors.

The second half of the plate is divided in half and filled with garnish (120-150 g) and free of grease meat products or fish (100-120 g). Do not forget that vegetable oil is a natural fat, and sauces should be light and non-greasy. So pour their need using measuring spoons, not by eye.

To replenish the body with vitamins and minerals, you need to eat salads, fruits and berries (2-3 servings, for example, the average pear or Apple, 15 grapes), but not very sweet (dates, figs, sweet apples and grapes). In winter you can eat frozen vegetable mixture and berries. Potatoes should not be afraid, just don't need it to fry and boil in their skins or bake and place it where the place the garnish on the quarter plates.

In the same quarter of the plates include buckwheat, rice porridge or cereals, pasta from hard wheat (100 g - 100 kcal). You can eat oatmeal, Sapareva at night and adding it in the morning grated fruit. Suitable meat (breast) Turkey and chicken (without skin), any fish: fatty 1 time per week (1 serving), lean - 2-3 times a week.

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From milk products consume only low-fat, cheese - up to 17%. Eggs can be eaten 1-2 daily (1 egg 100 kcal - 5-6 grams of fat), smoked sausages - 1-2 slices a week. The bread, buy whole wheat, white or rye.

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