How breast augmentation

Ways that significantly change breast size naturally, without the help of a plastic surgeon, of course, does not exist. The level of the hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the shape and volume of the Breasts, is determined by heredity. In this case, the shape of the breast in women belonging to the same race is similar, but the sizes vary greatly. It is important to understand that the nature ensured that regardless of the size or shape of any female breast is capable of providing a full lactation. After reaching the age of twenty the amount of glandular breast tissue can grow only during the carrying a child. If breast augmentation and occurs at a different time, it is only due to the growth of fat. Not only that, the volume will increase and in other parts of the body, it can lead to another unpleasant side effect - a large amount of adipose tissue will result in lowering breast cancer, so the chest will obvisnut".

Visually enlarge the breast help of physical exercises. Classes on special machines or exercises with dumbbells, in which the mixing-dilution hands, strengthen muscle tissue, develop chest muscles, giving the breast elasticity and making it high. To check this effect can be instantly, it is only necessary to straighten your shoulders and lift your chest forward and up.

The easiest way to visually enlarge your Breasts is the bra large size, but rather with foam or gel pads. This lingerie looks very natural and even feels no different from a real breast. In addition, these bras lift the Breasts and make forms more sexy.

Another safe way to enlarge your Breasts, on the assurances of the manufacturer, are various creams. But we should not delude ourselves and too much trust in advertising. Hardly creams under the force really enlarge your Breasts, but due to moisturise and nourish the skin they retain its elasticity, improve blood circulation and metabolism, which, undoubtedly, a positive impact on the appearance of the Breasts.

And finally, radical measure is plastic surgery. Before you take that step, all must be carefully weighed. Doctors do not advise to resort to plastic surgery before reaching the age of majority as 18 years is the formation of breast cancer. If you still decide on surgery breast augmentation accepted, you must carefully consider all the information and proposed methods and technologies for breast augmentation. In any case, don't settle for methods that lead to the increase of the breast using gels. Remember that this operation is irreversible, and there is a risk that the gel material to be distributed in tissues unevenly, leading to the appearance on the surface of the breast irregularities and bumps. And even if the substance to be distributed cosmetically perfect, it can cause a number of serious health problems - from mastitis to tumors.The most secure way to solve the problem by surgery is the use of implants. When this occurs, the implantation of a special substance, covered by an inert shell, through which the breast tissue not in contact with him. Moreover, this operation is reversible. The doctor will remove the endoprosthesis according to your desire without negative health consequences. By the way, many women, including celebrities do it, because fashion has entered naturalness. Think maybe you should change the perception of your own body?

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