How and when to introduce complementary foods child?

As soon as your baby is about six months, it's time to think about complementary feeding. At this age children begin to show their individual character, so it's hard to say how it will react to such a change of diet it is your baby. Some bits and pieces you need to get used to different tastes and different texture products. Perhaps the child will immediately appreciate the lure.

Many mothers wean babies from the breast not in a hurry, leaving behind them the initiative, while others seek faster to go on feeding all kinds of mashed potatoes with a spoon.

Whatever it was, six months in a child there is a need for additional nutrients that you can get only from solid food. But this does not mean that he no longer needed the mother's milk or formula. Before, they must be present in its diet.

To six months of the immune and digestive system of the child become more resilient. The body is ready to eat solid food, so it is unlikely that he will have some non-standard reaction eaten.

If the foods you wish to start up to six months, the child will first need to show the doctor. The fact that the baby until six months of age, many substances have not yet digested. Including gluten, which is found in eggs, cow's milk and cereals.

When the baby has passed the six-month milestone, it is possible to offer many products and quickly bring them into the diet of crumbs. You can start with mashed boiled vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, parsnips, potatoes). Will also fit baby fruit puree, poached pear, ripe Apple or mashed banana. Baby you can give boiled rice or other cereal, adding the milk that he drinks usually.

At the initial stage of feeding it is better to give the baby mashed potatoes, but some babies are able to eat food that is mashed into small pieces. Even if the child has no teeth, he will quickly learn to stretch soft food gums.

To diversify the lure new products you will be when the baby learns to eat from a spoon. Instead of boring baby cereals and vegetable puree, you can offer him: mashed meat, chicken or fish, mashed beans, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt.

Try to give the baby only homemade food. Jars of baby food should not be used daily. In the store before you buy baby food, read the label. Choose foods according to age qualification with a minimum of sugar and salt.

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