Household dosimeter - why is it needed?

The quality of the goods purchased brand in various places, leaves much to be desired. Entrepreneurs usually refuse proper control of their products, which can lead to disastrous consequences. Raw materials for production are purchased in untested locations, which may have increased radiation background, but no one considers. Most interesting is that radiation has no smell, no color. To determine the presence of background, only using dosimeters. Professional devices are used by the authorities involved in supervision. But what about ordinary citizens? How to protect yourself from the possible consequences? These questions are asked by many, it is worth noting that now a wide range of persons available dosimeter home. The most famous model of this class became portable dosimeter SMG-1, which is not only distributed among the citizens, but is the flagship of such devices.

Dosimeters equipped with detectors (portable models is the Geiger - Miller, who has a small weight and dimensions) detecting ionizing radiation. The stronger the radiation power, the more charged particle hits the sensor, which converts all the data into an electrical signal. The more intense background radiation - the stronger the strength of the electric current. The Processor unit converts electricity into human-readable information screen. TFT display information through related images, either in numerical form.

Portable dosimeters will not be superfluous when choosing building materials, buying toys for children, organized the March on unknown territory, the purchase of a car. Also, of course, the device will be useful when buying Antiques, vintage jewelry.

All personal dosimeters are divided into two types:

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Modern personal dosimeters capable of providing security of life and to notify owners about the possible threat to life.

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