House dust is the cause of allergies, asthma and cancer, found doctors

UsuallyNaya household dust may lead to development of allergies and asthma. This is indicated by the results of the research workers of the Institute of public health Milken at the George Washington University.

Researchers analyzed the true composition of the dust throughout the United States. Were able to identify 10 of the most dangerous toxins that the average person breathes, talks Environmental Science & Technology.

A special danger is posed by phthalates. They are contained in household chemicals and some foods. This group of chemicals into the air and then settles on floors and furniture. The particles of the chemicals get into the pores or inhaled with the room air. Phthalates are especially dangerous for young children.

You should limit the contact of children with potential allergens. It is enough to observe simple rules: use pillows with synthetic filling, not to have Pets until the child grows up and regularly clean household surfaces with the use of a minimum of household chemicals.

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