Hours watching TV shortens life by 22 minutes

Any person who spends in front of the TV for six hours a day, can die five years earlier than their peers. Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia found that an hour before TV shortens the life of the viewer on 22 minutes. Lack of physical activity, obesity, Smoking is associated with television viewing are a public health problem.

In the 1999-2000 survey was conducted 11247 Australians about their attitude towards television. The results of the survey were compared with data of mortality in the country. The life span of the adult, watching TV, compared with life not fond of TV people. According to statistics an hour watching TV shortens life at 21, 8 minutes. One percent of the population regularly watches TV at least six hours a day, it reduces their life expectancy by 4, 8 years.

Sedentary lifestyle associated with addiction to TV, prevents activity, if many can consciously stop Smoking in favor of health, the TV as destroying the factor no one sees. Physical activity - walking, working in the garden, which is replaced by an infinite program guide, help lose weight and increase vitality.

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