Hot tubs help to lose weight – scientists

Regular bathing in hot water speeds up the process of weight loss. Hour in a hot tub burns 126 calories. About the same burn for a half-hour walk at an easy pace. The results of the study physician's Steve Faulkner says the publication The Daily Mail.

Faulkner studied the ways of dealing with diabetes. As it turned out, hot tub lowers blood sugar levels more effective than exercise bikes and Jogging. These data could be confirmed in an experiment with 10 volunteers. Note pronounced the effect is, if the water temperature in the bathroom is not below 40 degrees Celsius.

The decrease in the concentration of sugar speeds up the body's metabolism and promotes weight loss. According to information gathered while the person is in the bathroom, the power consumption it increases to 80%. In addition, the body produces heat shock proteins, accelerating the process of weight loss.

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