Hot peppers will help in the prevention of cancer - scientists

In hot chili pepper contains a substance capsaicin. This connection, according to scientists, reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. Data published in Medical News Today. Specialist from the University of California Dr. Eyal Again proved that capsaicin activates pain receptors in mice that inhibits the development of neoplastic processes in the digestive tract.

First pain receptors TRPV1 were discovered by scientists in sensory neurons. Receptors are involved in protecting cells from heat damage, broken acidity and the influence of chemical factors in the external environment. As it turned out, the cells of the gastrointestinal tract also form receptors.

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The effect of capsaicin on TRPV1 helps the body to overcome a single cancer cells and protect it from cancer education process. Capsaicin, activating receptors, can reduce the risk of digestive cancer by 30%. The effect became even more pronounced, if the substance was combined with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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