Hot peppers will help in the fight against shingles

According to the publication The Daily Mail, scientists from the United States of America was created by the spray, which consists of compounds of hot pepper. They believe that it will benefit those who have occurs unbearable pain with shingles.

When applying spray the damaged area of the skin, the pain subsides, as it signals to the trigeminal nerve. Also shingles can cause chickenpox, as is calm and restrained by the immune system. But as soon as the protection is unreliable, the virus is activated. The cause of the weakening of the immune system can become anything you like: age, stress, illness, and so on.

In the nerves become inflamed and damaged, rash and pain. The disease is exacerbated for two to four weeks. According to statistics, every fifth carries a complication in the form of post herpetic neuralgia, which is haunted by the pain within three months. And sometimes the pain does not subside, and within the next ten years.

Cure is usually antidepressants, various means for preventing epileptic seizures and pain. Westonka laboratory proposed to apply capsaicin, which is responsible for the pungency in chillies. They say that it helps, because, as the nerves disappear sensitivity and pain disappears.

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The experiment involved 40 volunteers that 2 times a day used the spray or placebo. In the experiment, the scientists found that spray the most appropriate treatment for this disease. After a week of experiment, scientists found that the pain had decreased by 40 percent and, therefore, the sleep of patients improved.

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