Hot peppers protects the liver against fibrosis - the scientists

Scientists conducted an experiment on laboratory mice. The first group was ligated bile ducts. This has led to the accumulation of bile and to liver fibrosis, says Zee News. Mice after surgery received capsaicin, the compound that gives sharpness.

The second group of mice received capsaicin over a long period. In animals affected with poison carbon tetrachloride, destroying liver cells. The substance is used in some household products.

The researchers noticed that capsaicin contained in spicy peppers, reduced the activity of the cells responsible for liver fibrosis. Fibrosis is a disease in which normal cells are replaced by connective tissue scar. In the case of the liver it leads to the accumulation of bile, jaundice, impaired functioning of all organs and systems, including the brain. Researchers are advised to add small amounts of spicy foods in the diet to enhance it and protect the body from certain diseases.

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