Hot chocolate will help senile dementia

The beneficial properties of chocolate have been discovered relatively recently. It is known that it consists of volatile substances, some essential trace elements. In addition, chocolate is an excellent source of quick carbs that are necessary to maintain the vitality of the body. On the eve of scientists of the American Academy of neurology drew attention to hot chocolate and its properties.

It turns out that hot chocolate can prevent the development of dementia. The data were confirmed in the course of global research for this drink. In experiment took part 60 people aged 73 years. It is worth noting that none prior experience was not diagnosed with senile dementia. The experiment consisted in the fact that each volunteer twice a day, drank hot chocolate. However, other sweet products have been completely eliminated from the diet.

After the end of the study, the volunteers were subjected to detailed examination, which was discovered an interesting fact. A third of the subjects improved blood flow in the brain health condition steel volunteers remained stable. Data were obtained using ultrasound with Doppler method, which allows us to measure the rate of passage of blood through the vessels.

It should be noted that this study is not the first. Previously, scientists found that a small amount of dark chocolate every day helps to keep the skin young. In addition, confirmed the activating effect of cocoa beans on the nervous system, which helps fight chronic fatigue syndrome and insomnia.

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