Hot chocolate preserves the youth of brain cells

British scientists during research shows that a daily intake of hot chocolate has a positive effect on the state of the nerve cells of the brain. This drink rejuvenates the nervous tissue. Data were established after a survey of 60 people at the age of 70 years.

Volunteers offered during the experiment to drink two cups of hot chocolate a day. The experiment lasted for a month. At the end of the scientists investigated the activity of the brain in older people. On average, the functional activity of neurons increased by 8-9%.

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The main reason for such extraordinary discoveries, scientists believe, serve as antioxidants. This group of substances protects cells from premature aging, forms a barrier between the cell membrane and oxidizing agents causing cell death. Research has proven that hot chocolate even more useful than its counterpart in the tile. Liquid and hot form better cleanses the blood vessels. Thus, starting your day with a Cup of hot drink, you can not only elevate your mood and improve health.

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