Hormones will help in the recovery of the heart after injury

Cardiac muscle consists of committed cells. In the process of evolution, they have almost completely lost the ability to divide. That is why after myocardial infarction heart appears in the rumen of connective tissue. The latest discovery in the field of cardiology proves that under the action of the surge of hormones of a thyroid gland cells of the heart are "marathon" active division.

Data were established in the course of the experiment involving mice. After the release of thyroid hormones, the number of cardiomyocytes was increased by 40% for 24 hours. In humans similar process, scientists predict, should take about five weeks.

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The opening will allow in the future to repair the heart after injury. The normal release of hormones of the thyroid gland occurs during adolescence. It is possible that hormonal activity will allow you to run a similar process in adults. The opening is amazing in its potential. If it succeeds, it can be used to treat heart defects in newborns immediately after birth and to increase the service life of the heart muscle in adults.

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