Hormones interfere to save weight after dieting

Often, losing weight is a task quite difficult, however, to keep it after the diet is even more difficult. At least 80 percent of the people who managed to noticeably lose weight after dieting again gained at least partial weight.

And the reason is not only a lack of will power. Researchers from the University of Heidelberg in Melbourne believe. What does matter biological changes, and not return to old habits.

It has long been known that hormones from the gut, pancreas and adipose tissue affect the body weight and the processes of hunger and burning calories. The reverse is also true, the introduction of fat in the body leads to lower levels of hormones ( such as leptin) or increasing the level of other hormones ( herlina responsible for the stimulation of hunger).

For the experiment, 50 men and women with obesity spent 10 weeks on a very low calorie diet. Average weight loss during the diet was 30 pounds, that is not less than 10 percent of initial body weight. Blood analysis showed that the levels of hormones changed after weight loss, as expected, increased the number responsible for the feeling of hunger hormones.

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After 10 weeks, they switched to a normal diet, however, adhered to the advice of a nutritionist and did the exercises for 30 minutes a day. However, a year later, they have petascale 12 pounds and the levels of their hormones stabilized only partly, ghrelin remained elevated.

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