Hormonal contraceptives excessively increase the attractiveness of men - scientists

Interesting results came from scientists when studying the effect of oral contraceptives on the psyche of women. Drugs alter hormonal women and increase the sexual attractiveness of men on a subconscious level. "Pink glasses" disappear when a woman stops taking the drug.

Interested in the opinions of men about hormonal contraceptives. Most men are taking these drugs increases sexual sensitivity and passion woman, sex on a background of reception of preparations giving her more pleasure.

The phenomenon is easily explained by the composition of oral contraceptives and normal female hormonal background. In the body of every woman contains estrogens and progesterones, affecting the sense of satisfaction from sex. These same substances are found in pills to prevent pregnancy.

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Scientists summarize: oral contraceptives have their pros and cons, drugs in this group are very popular and are second only barrier contraceptives.

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