Hormonal contraception reduces the quality of sex

Although hormonal contraceptives are very convenient, they can impede the initiation of women and prevent you from achieving orgasm, thereby reducing the pleasure of sex.

In a study by researchers from the Kinsey Institute took part 1101 sexually active women, half of them used hormonal methods of contraception (the pill, patch, ring), the second half is non-hormonal ( condoms, diaphragms, caps).

In the study, women from both groups answered questions about the level of sexual satisfaction. It was found that using hormonal methods women experienced less satisfaction and more difficulty in achieving orgasm and in the selection of the lubricant. Also, they are much less had sex.

Hormonal contraceptives convenient for men, as in the condom decreased sensitivity, however, the hormonal means lower sensitivity in women. So at the moment the pair is forced to choose, part of whose pleasures have to sacrifice.

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