Hopeless cancer patients live longer at home

Experts from Japan (University Tsukuba) found that if people are terminally ill with cancer, and the doctors he nothing can help, the better the patient to go home. This will give a sick person a few days in a peaceful atmosphere in the family.

About 70% of patients with advanced illness want to spend his last days with family and without medical staff. While in the hospital still dies every other person with cancer. Doctors just don't want to let go of human thinking that can help him.

Japanese researchers analyzed two thousand cases of oncological diseases. It turned out, if the doctors about the patient does not exceed two weeks of life, in the home he lived in on average 4 days more. If, in the opinion of the doctors, remained there for about two months, home walls helped him to hold out almost a week longer.

In other groups the differences in survival were found.

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