Hookahs are potential hotbeds of dangerous bacteria

In Russia hookahs is quite a popular method of Smoking. Many believe that hookahs are safer than cigarettes, but this statement is not totally agree with the Director of the Department of health protection and sanitary-epidemiological well-being of the Ministry of health Marina shevyreva.

The hookah consists not only of the Cup, where lay the tobacco. In the tube and the shaft are deposited resin, which can breed bacteria. The situation is compounded by the fact that most classical hoses are used for rinsing water. In the device over time can be a real breeding ground for dangerous bacteria, especially if one hookah is a few people, as it happens in special Smoking bars.

"We can offer the Institute's research to make such analysis and results to consider how you can further adjust this problem", says the problem shevyreva.

Sultan Khamzayev, head of the Federal project "Sober Russia," writes - "Went to three or four institutions - with hose inside was checked for bacteria. It turns out that tobacco is a children's game. Those bacteria that accumulate during Smoking the hookah, represent a real threat. Is there anything that can".

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