Honey with propolis - benefits and curative properties

Honey composition with propolis is a combination of natural flower honey and extracts of propolis, which is the most useful product of beekeeping. This product in order to prevent you should eat a little, because the risk of side effects (redness, allergies, fatigue).

Honey with propolis not only healthy but delicious, it is a homogeneous viscous mass, which includes floral honey and crushed propolis. This product by color from regular honey is practically the same, and its color depends on the color of propolis, for various bee products of different origin and stored in different conditions. Thanks to the stickiness and tar propolis mass is obtained viscous and plastic.

Honey with propolis has a very specific spicy aroma. It seems that at the same time smells of molasses, Laurel, pounded needles, buds of poplar. The composition of propolis is flavone compounds. When drinking this honey has recreated many Association with a thick, familiar from childhood balm cough.

Bee propolis is collected from young trees in late summer or autumn, then they mix it with wax, enzymes, pollen. The obtained adhesive substance bees use for mummification pests and eliminate inside the hive cracks. Beekeepers to produce propolis, soskrebajut it part of the hive or the honeycomb.

In a mixture of honey and propolis contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and acids. This product is antiseptic, immune stimulating, disinfectant, antioxidant, wound healing, antiviral.

The use of honey with propolis will benefit when: diseases of the oral cavity, the presence of wounds and ulcers, high blood pressure, vascular spasm, headache, respiratory diseases, metabolic disorders. This tool is an excellent prevention of aging and cancer.

To abandon the use of honey with propolis is in the case of allergies to the components of this mixture.

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To save all the useful properties of the product, honey with propolis should be stored in well-closed Bank of dark glass in a dark, cool place. The presence of honey propolis allows not only to maintain but also to preserve the therapeutic properties of the product.

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