Homosexuals are allowed to donate blood

The UK government is going to overturn the lifetime ban on blood donation for men who belong to sexual minorities. The ban was introduced in the 1980's as a preventive measure of HIV and AIDS. However, in the field of recent research policy decided to revise our attitude towards homosexuals. Experts on blood safety recommend the lifting of the ban for gay men, not engaged in sex for more than ten years.

In turn, the survey homosexuals-those in the UK showed that 95 percent of respondents are ready to donate blood. However, men who had sex with another man, whether with a condom or without, will not be eligible to donate blood during the year.

To make changes to the law were measured risk of blood contamination, the number of people needing prelivanje. But do not assume that the prohibition to donate blood for 12 months after the last sex doctors are trying to infringe on the rights of homosexuals. In a group of people, which is also not allowed to donate blood are women who had contact with the leading dissolute sex life partner, people, enjoyed the services of prostitutes, and people who had a connection with people who use drugs. Also people will never be able to donate blood if they were sick with syphilis, hepatitis, as well as for former prostitutes and drug addicts.

However, wrestlers activists for gay rights, consider the ban on blood donation after homosexual sex with a condom illegal and are going to bring this issue up for discussion in the British government.

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