Homemade turtles turned out to be harmful

As it turned out, that the content home a little demure-turtles can become its owners, the main cause dangerous diseases.

Scientists from the U.S. warned: "One of the most harmless and peaceful Pets, namely turtles often are the distributors of salmonellosis is an acute infection of the intestine. This infectious disease in children is particularly difficult and can even cause death".

The authors of the above study concluded: "during the time from August 2010 to September 2011, in 18 States in the U.S. there have been outbreaks of salmonellosis in the amount of 132 cases, most of which were caused in connection contacts of people with small pet turtles. It is also noted that about 60 percent or more of cases of salmonellosis was diagnosed in children in the age group of 10 years."

There's nothing not surprisingly, scientists believe, as children to a small home turtles are often treated as "living toys", can for a long time to play with them and even their kiss, which significantly increases the risk of infection with Salmonella.

The researchers also indicated that extremely dangerous Salmonella can more than two years to remain even in microscopic particles turtle excrement, so you can be infected even without direct contact with an exotic pet.

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