Homemade food – the best protection against diabetes, say scientists

Healthy home food reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes by 13%. About it tell results of research of scientists from the Harvard school of public nutrition. The abuse of fast food products, on the contrary, greatly increases the risk of obesity and metabolic disorders, writes Prothom Alo.

To confirm his words, scientists give the results of a study involving nearly 100,000 volunteers over the age of 36 years. No one at the time the study was diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Scientists noticed that the volunteers eating at home two or more times per day, to earn their Mature years, diabetes mellitus 13% less in comparison with people accustomed to eat at fast food restaurants. Moreover, home cooking has a positive effect on the weight of volunteers.

We will note, in another study, researchers from rush University have shown that prolonged cooking at home Samano increases the risk of obesity. Often people fond of cooking, and all taste. Coupled with the main meal, you can earn so a few extra pounds.

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