Homemade food is the best prevention of obesity

American researchers believe the main cause of obesity is the transition from home cooking to dining and other methods of fast food. It places community meals and the delivery guilty in the spread of obesity.

If you look at the statistics, you can see that with the proliferation of eating places and increases the number of people with obesity. Not every café provides healthy food. Given the choice most people make a selection of delicious but not the healthiest foods, especially if we are talking about a lunch snack.

With self-cooking at home people just means that is part of its food. It can control your portion size, to determine its calorie content. No such opportunities practically in any cafe or restaurant. Statistics show that most people eat their food in places of public catering, because it's already paid for.

Back in the cafe, people often allow themselves to finish the meal with a dessert or sweet drink, which very rarely occurs in the case of lunch at home. This factor affects the set weight and figure.

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