Home SPA hand care

Our skin is constantly exposed to changes, is no exception, and the skin of the hands. To return the skin in the still, soft and velvety condition, it is necessary to provide her with appropriate care. And this can be arranged her SPA treatment without leaving home.

You must first remove the nail Polish - nails also need care. And manicure set albeit em aside.

In the care of the skin as well as skin care a person requires three stages to bring it to normal. The first step here will be cleansing, second - hydration, and then comes the food.

Cleansing hands

For cleansing use lukewarm water, add to it the cream for hands (it is better to take the cream, not having in its composition a silicone). For very dry skin add another foot cream - 200 ml of water one teaspoon. Then add one teaspoon of sea salt for the same volume of water, seven drops of oil of roses, and then hold hands in this healing mixture of from 10 to 20 minutes.

Rose oil (rose oil) is very beneficial to the skin, restores and regenerates it, makes it soft and velvety, but women who are prone to allergies, it is better to exclude. After blotting movements should be dried rested the handle.

Moisturizing hand

After that, proceed to the next step home SPA treatment for hands. Remove steamed cleansing bath cuticles. Rasp as nails one should not hurry - steamed nails can easily be damaged, which will lead to delamination and breakage.

Now you can take on moisture. Here is the following recipe: chopped fine grated fresh cucumber add chopped orange (orange crush with zest). One tablespoon of oatmeal pour two tablespoons of boiling water and mix with a total weight of. And then apply this mixture on hand to dry. It will take about ten minutes.

Power hand

Before beginning the procedure on nutrition of the skin it will be possible to file the nails and Polish. Then you will need to apply a good cream to nourish the skin of the hands or use homemade homemade "cream", which is even better.

Is it something like this: three drops of olive or other vegetable oil odourless added half a teaspoon of thick cream. Then this mixture is applied on the hands.

After nourishing the procedure, the skin is better to wipe with paper towels, but do not rinse synthetic means. And then you can start applying to your nails decorative varnish.

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