Home bugs: search and destroy

One day you woke up and found on the body of itchy bites, located on the body? This is one of the obvious signs that the house was infested bugs. Now it is important to make sure to find the right way of dealing with the problem. Bugs prefer to go hunting in the dark, during the day they hide in secluded places (e.g., sofa, wardrobe and so on). Their size usually does not exceed 0, 5 cm, and appearance compare with cockroaches and ticks at the same time. After the identification is successful, you can proceed to the destruction of the enemy. Next will be described the basic methods of how to bring home bed bugs yourself.

Ways of dealing with household bugs

• Insecticides. The use of chemicals is one of the most reliable methods of pest control. To the currently known drugs available on the market include the following: "Carbopol", "Dichlorvos", "Raptor", "Reid", "Forsyth", "Reopen", "Insectile", "combat", "Globalmark", "Feverfew" and many others. The advantage of chemical agents is the efficiency of their impact is usually a one-time processing. There are also disadvantages to the use of insecticides in insects over time on some of the tools are immune, and it may simply not work; difficulties with the use of toxic substances in places where there are children and Pets.

• Extreme temperatures. Bugs can destroy conventional boiling water. It is best to use soap and water, as this will not allow insects to disperse. In the winter, if possible, you can open all Windows and literally vymorozit room. However, in the latter case, the bugs can through the gap to get to the neighbors, and when the weather gets warmer to return again.

• Vinegar. Is not used for destruction, and, as a preventative measure after the war. Lubricate all available slots to sharp odor deters insects.

• Traditional methods such as the use of vegetable raw materials for the destruction of household bugs in practice, its effectiveness was not confirmed (wormwood, chrysanthemum, Daisy, and so on).

• Gasoline, kerosene. Means effective, but have more side effects than insecticides.

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Naturally, the choice remains with the man, but it is worth noting that the chemicals and extreme temperatures - the two most reliable way of dealing with household pests.

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