Holesterin lowering drugs cause diabetes

Scientists claim that holesterin lowering drugs from a group of statins can cause the development of diabetes. The problem has relevance in the world because of the wide in this time of propagation of statins to prevent cardiovascular disease and Bolinas heart disease.

A study was conducted Jupiter (justification for the use of rosuvastatin in the prevention of cardiovascular disease) involving 17802 person with low LDL but high C-reactive protein level. Compared with the placebo group, the risk of diabetes increased by 25 percent. Despite this, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease decreased by 44 percent. Participants subjectively noticed an improvement in health over the next 2 years.

In other studies, six meta-analyses on more than 57000 patients have also determined the risk of developing diabetes by 13 %.On 13 randomized trials with statins on 91140 patients, the chances of diagnosis of diabetes was 1,09.

Summarizing the data, it can be noted that among 255 patients receiving the drug for 4 years, may occur 1 case of diabetes. At the same time, in 5.4 participant 255 were no complications of cardiac pathology. This is due most likely to the presence of a group of people genetically prone to the occurrence of diabetes, the drug has the ability to detect the disease. In the appointment of treatment it is necessary to take into account age, fasting glucose levels, other features of the metabolic syndrome.

On the other hand scales significantly outweighs the benefit of this group of drugs, such as reducing mortality of more than 20 %, reduce heart attacks by 54%, stroke by 46% reduction in revascularization at 48% . Therefore, at high risk of developing heart disease and blood vessels statins should be used and not even necessarily cease when the diagnosis of diabetes.

Further research and data about the mechanism of influence holesterin lowering drugs on the causes of endocrine diseases.

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