His father died cryonics Robert Ettinger

At the age of 92 due to natural causes died Robert Ettinger, the father of the science of cryonics. He bequeathed to freeze the owl body in order to prepare for the "awakening" in the future. At his funeral, no memorial service, because he believed that through the years it will return to life the doctors of the future.

The cryonics Institute in Clinton was founded in 1976, Ettinger became 106 "client", held frozen at this University. The process frosting is relatively simple, the patient's body is cooled five days prior to the temperature of liquid nitrogen, and the blood is replaced with a special liquid, preventing saedenenie tissues. The body is then immersed in liquid nitrogen in special bags.

It is noteworthy that the first patient for this procedure was the mother of Ettinger and then pochivka with the world of wife Elaine.

When life Ettinger readily responded to the attacks against artificial attempts to save the man, in order to revive him. He could not understand the people who do kill their own health, and not try to prolong the beautiful moments of your life.

At the moment as future clients in the cryonics Institute has recorded more than 700 people, with a rather high cost of freezing. Himself Ettinger argued that the cost of the whole procedure can be reduced to 28 000 dollars. Also according to the customer clinic freezes cats and other Pets, with the death of which the owners are not ready to face.

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