Hip replacement surgery - features

Hip replacement surgery is the most effective, and in some very advanced cases, the only possibility to regain the mobility of the affected joint. which surgical treatment is replaced with an artificial one. You can expect full recovery of motor activity.

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, aseptic necrosis of the surface of the joint, coxarthrosis, dysplasia, consequences of injuries and fractures of the femoral neck - all these diseases can be an indication for surgery. First of all, they hit the sliding surface of the joint. It is the damage to the articular cartilage leads to pain and limitation of physical activity.

There is one very harmful for patients the myth of the endoprosthesis. Many people believe that this operation is done only in extreme cases, when the damage to the hip joint become so severe that the person can no longer move independently. That is why patients deliberately refuse surgery to replace the hip joint. They are pinning their hopes on a diet, ointments, medicines, folk remedies. Unfortunately, this delay leads to increased pain and even greater aggravation of the disease.

The implantation of the endoprosthesis of the hip joint is only part of a large complex of measures aimed at recovery from the disease. For example, in coxarthrosis damaged not only the surface of joint and muscular-ligamentous apparatus that surrounds him. Hip replacement surgery can solve the problem with the joint, but the patient shows a further therapeutic measures conducted under the supervision of doctors rehabilitators, actions are aimed at the development of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus.

At the slightest suspicion problems with the hip joint must immediately seek the advice of a specialist. If the results of the study confirm the guesses and the doctor will suggest surgery for the implementation of the artificial knee joint, it is not necessary to delay the intervention. Each day of delay increases the duration of postoperative recovery. If hip replacement carried out in time and it involved highly trained specialists, there is a high probability of returning to the replacement of its functionality in full.

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