Hikikomori - hermit in your own apartment

First hikikomori appeared in Japan. By the term refers to people who voluntarily renounced society. Communication and walks they prefer secluded self-development and the Internet. Usually these are young people aged 20-32 years.

Contact with the outside world for "Hickey" (abbr.) a lot of unpleasant feelings. Often hermits of the 21st century out of the house, only to buy food and other necessary things. The rest of the time they spend for books, serials, Internet surfing.

Interesting and the financial side of this lifestyle. "Hickey" often live off their parents or try to earn money by freelancing on the Internet. In some countries, unemployed pay allowance, which is just enough to pay for an apartment and the Internet.

In Japan the problem of reclusion was really rampant. Note that the number of those who voluntarily withdraws from contact with society, only grows. Reclusive lifestyle is a real world phenomenon. The Japanese authorities take action and try to treat hikikomori.

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Note that this way of living successfully moved to Russia. The reasons for seclusion can be different from unrequited love to unwillingness to take responsibility for their lives.

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