High noise levels can have negative effects on cardiac function

Conducted by Swiss scientists study found that even a small level of noise has a negative impact on the heart. During the experiment, which was attended by 110 participants, all participants wore a portable instrument that measures the rhythm of the heartbeat. Thanks to this device, the scientists were able to determine the degree of influence of various noise on heart rate. As it turned out, heartbeat accelerated, even when the noise level reached 65 decibels. For example, this level corresponds to the loud laughter or conversation on high tones.

However, the low noise level contributed to the relaxation of the circulatory system and the reduction of the rhythm of the heartbeat. Scientists have found that a noisy environment makes the variability of heart rate is insufficient, and that increases the risk of heart attack. It should be noted that under the variability refers to the interval of the heartbeat within a specific time frame. In addition, the researchers noted that the noise does not impact seriously on cardiac function in normal man. All depends on how the person takes the noise. If it is stronger than the other, responds to loud noises, scientists are advised to be attentive to the work of the heart muscle.

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It should also be noted that previous research has found that noise has a negative impact on the metabolism and may cause hypertension and gastric ulcers.

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