High levels of testosterone leads to the frequent incidence of influenza

Scientists conducted a study aimed at examining the hormonal background of a person. In particular, scholars interested in the communication between the levels of the hormone testosterone and the incidence of influenza. It is worth noting that the flu is a common disease that affects the respiratory system. It turned out that the increased testosterone in the blood leads to the frequent incidence of respiratory diseases, writes PNAS.

In such men, the researchers note, is often reduced immunity to influenza virus. This leads to the development of inadequate response to the vaccine. The data were confirmed after conducting research with the participation of 34 men. It was confirmed that similar immune response observed with the introduction of most of the known vaccines, if men high levels of testosterone in the blood.

It should be noted that similar patterns in healthy men were found. The study also took part 53 women. It turned out that their immunity was generally stronger and properly reacted to the introduction of drug vaccines. The most common strain of influenza virus H3N2 rarely achieved his ultimate goal is for women.

Scientists hope further research in this area. Planned work on decontamination of the hormone testosterone for the treatment and prevention of bacterial and viral infections.

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